The AN Committee takes your privacy seriously. When visiting our website, your IP address and other standard information, such as your browser type and the pages you browse through, are collected. This information is collected for the maintenance and security of our website, and will never be shared with third parties. Moreover, the AN Committee uses a web hosting service which is known for advocating freedom of speech and is opposed to SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), and NSA (National Security Agency).
When you become a member, you are becoming a member of the Nations online community at This is where the Anarchist Nation members can collaborate to create Anarchist communities of their own. When you fill out the membership form, we ask for a username, email and a password. We ask for this information for the sole purpose of allowing you access to certain parts of our website, as well as contact us, in a private capacity thus staying out of the public domain. Your personal information will never be sold, rented or exchanged without your consent and we expect the same level of confidentiality from you as well. Furthermore, as a member of the online community, your chosen name will show on the members list and only members are permitted to see the list.
This privacy policy will not be subjected to any jurisdiction foreign to the Anarchist Nation or of any state or corporation of any kind. This is a private agreement between Man and will be governed accordingly by those involved. Should any state or corporation choose to intervene in this private agreement a fee, in any type of denomination of our choosing, will be billed to those individuals involved.
As we make changes to our website we may also add to our privacy policy. This privacy policy is subject to change without notice. This was last updated on July 13, 2017.

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