Anarchist Resources – this is one of my favorite websites regards all things anarchy. It has an excellent amount of information about Anarchy. – great anarchist resource for anarchist eBooks. There’s plenty of reading material here for you to download and read. – This is a great site to purchase from. I have purchased a few books from them, and am very happy with the material. They also have a ton of freebie zines on their websites in PDF format, if you are willing to search for them. – This is a good resource. I know that a lot of people see national anarchism as an oxymoron (like Anarcho-capitalism), but they make sense of it. – Another good resource.

Self-Governance Resources

Anarchism has a lot to do with governing yourself. The following websites are all about that, whether they claim to be Anarchists or not. – this website is an international micro-nation community.

Miscellaneous This website is brought to you by the creators of the Collective Evolution series. Great research website, expanding the way we all think.


I. Anarchy| An easy-to-comprehend description of what Anarchy is.

Oh Canada Movie – Our Bought and Sold Land| a documentary about Canada’s land, the currency and how the Private Banks have fraudulently stolen from the people.

Consent of the Governed| This Documentary is about how the so-called authorities have enslaved you and what you can do about it.

Zeitgeist 1|Zeitgeist 2 | Zeitgeist 3 | a series of documentaries brought to you by Peter Joseph since 2007. Great documentary series discussing the fraudulent monetary system, the story behind 9/11 and much more.

The Story of Your Enslavement| A 15minute video about how we were enslaved throughout history, including today, without realizing it.

UnGrip| created by Ben Stewart. This movie is about a man, Rob in the Page family, who took it upon himself to secede from the State and Self-Govern himself with his family.

Collective-Evolution 1| 2 | 3 | a series of documentaries aimed at showing the current state of the world, why it needs to change, and how we can do it. The series also focuses on who we all are and why we are here, with discussions about finances, education, entertainment/media and health issues we face today.


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