Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions govern the use of the anarchistnation.org website (the “Site”). The Anarchist Nation Committee (the “AN Committee”, “we”, “us” and “our”), design and operate the Site. The Anarchist Nation (the “Nation”) is what governs the AN Committee and the Anarchist Nation Members. The AN Committee have declared peace and expects the same respect from you (the “User”).

We do not excuse any unlawful acts such as violence, fraud, theft and/or damaging personal property, and we do not promote discriminatory actions and/or comments and accept all beliefs and ideologies. We do not promote over throwing the government due to the fact that man created the Government to help and care for those who need certain assistance and are unable to govern themselves. However, when the Governments abuse their power into being corrupt, it is our duty to remind them that they have a duty to serve the public in a voluntary manner. We encourage self-determination and self-governance, and being (100%) accountable and responsible for one’s own life. We encourage and support removing one’s bond from the current system and exercising our inalienable rights. This includes, but is not limited to, the right to termination (ref. p.1441 Black’s Law Dictionary, 9th Ed.) and the right to revolution (ref. p.1439 Black’s Law Dictionary,9th Ed.), as well as what is stated within the Laws of Nations, Book I: Nations in Themselves, p.212 (originally written by Emer de Vattel) §202, Their right when they are abandoned.

Content and Copyright

All content owned, produced, distributed and published by the AN Committee on the Site shall be known as website “Materials”. Content includes, but is not limited to, photos, videos, audio, graphics and infographics. The Materials on the Site are free to build upon, enhance and can be reused for any purpose without restriction.

Read our “Your Privacy” page for more on what information we collect from you and how we use your information.

Upon using this Site, whether or not you become a member, you agree to be (100%) responsible and (100%) accountable for any action or inaction you may or may not do in your life as a result of anything you may or may not see on this Site, whether it is in the public or private domain. No one here is a lawyer, accountant, doctor, or agent of the state, unless otherwise stated, and as such are not providing you with legal, financial, medical or any other advice.

Moreover, the use or mention of legislative codes, private corporate codes, regulations and statutes does not comprise and shall not be deemed an election to be a submission to foreign jurisdiction, thus any uses of those terms are coincidental. The Anarchist Nation is not governed by any Government, or other Corporate entities, thus their legislation, rules and regulations do not apply. Anarchist Nation is governed by the laws of nature and consciousness, which is within universal jurisdiction. Should any state or corporation choose to intervene in this private agreement a fee, in any type of denomination of our choosing, will be billed to those individuals involved.

Be advised that these terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. These terms and conditions were last updated on July 13, 2017.

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